Where To Put Orgone





Put Orgone in every room of your house or apartment. On top of your computer, tv, refrigerator…and especially under your bed, helps you sleep like a baby.



Put it in your yard in bushes, flower beds, on top of your roof, or in your gutters. Get the front and back of your house or apartment building.  You want the Orgone to be able to assimilate into the atmosphere above your home.


Gift your neighborhoods, towns and cities with Orgone.  Throw it in trees, ditches, bushes, on top of buildings, anywhere it won’t be found by other people.


Once you get your own home and immediate area covered with orgone, drive out about 3-5 miles and get a radius (north, south, east, west) outside of your immediate area.


The more Orgone the better and chemtrails won’t stick in your area.


If you have water sources in your area get Orgone into them…lakes, rivers, ponds.


Yes you can plant orgone. Just deep enough to where a lawn mower won’t destroy it or get a hold of it and it won’t be found.


 And Yes, you can put one in your car. It'll help keep the microwave weapons and ELF technology from driving you nuts via the towers.