this was taken from a web blog online...I found it interesting....



One with Cell-phone Towers and Fake Trees


Nice trees, aren't they (other pictures are inside the post)? There's just one problem... these aren't trees at all! Actually it's a homage to the fake trees that disguise USA cell phone towers. Have you ever noticed them? Well I think the idea is more than great! Having them hiddious cell-towers, is necessary, but with a bit of imagination and artistic touch, you can transform them in such way, that very few would spot they're fake. These Sham Shrubs have been manufactured so that you and I can communicate with each other, while protecting our delicate aesthetic sensibilities. They're hidden pretty well. But if you look for them, they're easy to spot. Be sure to jump inside this post to see more of them, but don't forget to visit original website to see whole bunch more of them. Thanks Mike for submitting this illusion!