Electronic Mind Control
Rixon Stewart

"The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it."
Joseph Mengele, camp doctor at Auschewitz, notorious for his
experiments on inmates.

"In 1961 Alan H Frey provided evidence that the perception of sound
can be induced in normal and deaf humans by irradiation of the head
with low power density, pulse modulated UHF . . . The ability to
modify behaviour with auditory-cortex stimuli . . .brain rhythm
modification and many other biological applications of microwaves has
been repeatedly shown since the 1950's." From declassified records on
Project Pandora released on 19 Dec 1994:

It's the stuff of dreams. The sort of fantasy entertained by the
likes of Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao. Not just control but
complete control over every aspect of life and not by laws or
external restrictions either, but control imposed from within:
control over the very thoughts and feelings of a subject people.

Total tyranny. It's every dictator's dream and a nightmare for anyone
who values freedom.

Implants and mind control technology are not simply the creation of
paranoid conspiracy theorists, nor are they the stuff of science
fiction. They are real: an established, certifiable fact and it is
the intention of this article to try and throw some light on a
phenomenon that has largely been ignored by the mainstream media. The
technology exists, the hardware is in place, the patents on record
and the know how and intent to use it are a sinister reality.

As far back as the 1940's research was being conducted into implant
technology and mind control, as detailed in the first issue of the
Seeker (1). Since then the research has continued unabated and
unhindered by any publicity or media attention; so when alleged
Oklahoma city bomber Timothy McVeigh claimed to have been implanted
by the U.S. Army, the mainstream media could barely restrain its
laughter. After all, said the media, Timothy McVeigh was simply a
lone right wing nut case with a chip on his shoulder. Or was he?

Jeff Camp, who worked alongside McVeigh as a guard in upstate New
York, told Newsweek that the bomber was "a very strange person. It
was like he had two different personalities."

Indeed. In 1992 McVeigh took a job with Burns International Security
Services in Buffalo and was assigned to the security detail at
Calspan, a Pentagon contractor that conducts classified research into
advanced electronic warfare. Al Salandra, a spokesman for Calspan,
told reporters that McVeigh was "a model employee." "He was real
different," Todd Regier, who worked with McVeigh, told the Boston
Globe. "Kind of cold. He was almost like a robot."

Just the sort of employee that a high tech firm such as Burns
International Security Services, with its close links with the
Pentagon, liked. So much so that his managers had planned to promote
McVeigh. Before they could though McVeigh claims that federal agents
implanted him with a microchip, which left him with an unexplained
scar on his posterior.

The Gulf War Veteran may not be the only one. Five months after the
Oklahoma city bombing a spate of random shootings occurred on the
freeways in and around San Francisco. David Morillas and his wife
were travelling down the freeway when the rear side window exploded,
showering their sleeping five year old son with glass. Seconds later
he saw a red Toyota pick up slow down and shift to the right lane on
the roadway, Morillas followed and slowed down alongside the pick up,
shouting through his opened window: "Did you see what happened to my

"I didn't see nothing" answered the pick up's driver but, according
to Morillas: "He was kind of talking weird, mumbling. I couldn't
understand him."

More shootings followed in the weeks thereafter and when police
finally tracked down the culprit they found one Christopher Scalley,
the owner of the same red Toyota pick up. According to Scalley he was
acting on the orders of "electronic appliances:" When questioned, he
told the police that he had been receiving messages via radio waves
and that he heard "voices telepathically from passing vehicles."

Of course Scalley may just be a little wacko, or at least that's what
your supposed to think. For strange as it may seem, what Scalley said
may be closer to the truth than many would like to admit. The fact is
that the U.S. Patents office now holds dozens of patents for devices
which could communicate directly with an individual through their
thoughts. As outlined in the first issue of the Seeker (2) supposed
alien abductions and implants have been used as a cover for field
testing this new technology, and the military have paid special
attention. One report, (3) published by the U.S. Air Force in 1996,
proposed creating a new breed of cyber-soldiers using brain implanted
micro-chips; through such means the proposed cyber-soldiers would
converse with computers via satellites in low earth orbit, identify
targets and call in air power or advanced satellite borne weaponry.

It wouldn't have been out of place in a Star Wars movie but the fact
is the patents are already in the U.S Patents office. Thus we have:
U.S. Patent US5629678: IMPLANTABLE TRANSECEIVER Apparatus for
Tracking and Recovering Humans.
(Global Positioning Satellite) LOCATION INFORMATION.

There's more but it should be noted that this technology falls into
two distinct categories; the first type requires some sort of implant
technology to be effective. In contrast the second type of technology
doesn't require any kind of interface but acts directly on the
targeted individual or group.

AND ALTERING BRAIN WAVES -- Apparatus for and method of sensing brain
waves at a position remote from a subject whereby electromagnetic
signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to
the brain of the subject in which the signals interfere with one
another to yield a waveform which is modulated by the subject's brain
waves. The interference waveform which is representative of the brain
wave activity is re-transmitted by the brain to a receiver where it
is demodulated and amplified. The demodulated waveform is then
displayed for visual viewing and routed to a computer for further
processing and analysis. The demodulated waveform also can be used to
produce a compensating signal which is transmitted back to the brain
to effect a desired change in electrical activity therein.

It would be a mistake to assume that this sort of thing could only
happen in America. The fact is that the British have been at the
forefront of developments of this type for some time now. This is
demonstrated by Marina Findlay's story. Her case is an interesting
one and for a number of reasons: firstly it reveals something of the
horrific effects of this technology, secondly though it reveals the
ominous and menacing mentality of its user's.

An outspoken and effective environmental campaigner, Marina's
narrative really began in the mid 1990's when she uncovered a scandal
involving no less than the Royal House of Windsor. According to
Marina, ancient woodlands that were officially protected were being
completely clear-felled so that suitable trunks could be used to
provide timber for the rebuilding of Windsor Castle, in the wake of
the 1992 fire.

"The Royal architects worked with the Forestry Authority and 2 or 3
major timber companies to target and take out the most sacred ancient
woods," wrote Marina, "Inventories drawn up to ensure conservation of
this habitat were used to locate valuable sites whose owners were
then approached and offered tens of thousands of pounds by agents for
the timber companies."

As Marina began speaking out on this issue she found herself being
targeted by the Secret Services using psychotronic weaponry. The end
result was weeks, months and ultimately years of mental and physical
torture. In her head she heard two voices: a man's and a women's, who
described themselves as the "Windsor gang," and who would berate,
threaten and intimidate her for hours at a time. Coupled with this she
was forcibly blasted with microwave energies, which were specifically
targeted at particular internal organs including her ovaries.

Today she is sterile.

Once again Marina's case is so outrageous as to seem implausible;
after all the mainstream media has avoided any mention of mind
control technology, in spite of the fact of its documented existence,
thus making her claims sound all the more bizarre. Which is exactly
what its users want; just remember that next time you hear about some
lone, deranged killer who heard voices in his head. Or better still
why not find out for yourself what is really going on by checking out
some of this articles sources, because the mainstream media is
certainly not going to tell you. Like they say, the truth is out
there . . . and we don't mean the in the "X Files" either.

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